Alienware 13 ANW13-8636SLV – 13.3-Inch Touchscreen Gaming Laptop


Since Nvidia’s dispatch of its “Pascal” 10-arrangement versatile designs in mid-2016, we’ve seen a whirlwind of laptops outfitted with cuts of the organization’s intense new gaming silicon. Be that as it may, most, similar to MSI’s GeForce GTX 1060-pressing GS73VR-6RF stealth Pro$1,549.00, was worked around existing body plans.

In a race to actuate to the market first, some laptop producers have been simply tweaking the shells of more seasoned model laptops to oblige new cooling needs, perhaps including a USB Type-C port and a screen refresh, and delivering them to plug. In the event that the outline is as of now pleasant, that is fine. What’s more, inside the gaming market, where customers range unit frequently exceptionally burning to get their hands on new, more effective portables, it’s no doubt a keen short-run respond in due order regarding offering bunches of gaming laptops.

Yet, re-tooling past item outlines may likewise prompt different issues, similar to suspension or potentially console flex in ranges where there’s no equipment now behind the thin metal or plastic shell, or short battery life if there isn’t space for a battery sufficiently huge for the equipment it’s as of now pushing. Those 2 issues specifically were our essential protestations about the MSI GTX 1060 machine we just said.


Alienware’s 13 isn’t exactly the essential Pascal-based laptop we’ve seen with an altogether new style. That qualification has a place with the 4K-screened (and shockingly moderate) hp Omen 17$1,299.99 at HP., however, the revived Alienware 13 sports an unmistakable starting from the earliest stage new style, with a pushed-forward pivot and an amazingly strong inclination frame. it’s likewise the essential Pascal gaming laptop we’ve seen with a 13.3-inch screen; the greater part of the new-age gaming laptops we’ve tried so far have been substantially bigger 17-inch models. what’s more, the Alienware 13’s GeForce GTX 1060 designs chip is all around prepared to push the 2,560×1,600-determination screen in our survey unit. That screen, in our $2,099 audit setup, is additionally an exceptionally noteworthy looking OLED board with profound blacks, well off hues, and an entire load of shine. (Alienware is additionally offering this machine with a 1080p non-touch IPS screen, or a fundamental 1,366×768 board; more on that in a bit.)

This revivified Alienware 13 is a great minimized laptop that is additionally fit for pushing computer game (VR) by means of either the receptor Rift or HTC Vive headsets and has designs overhaul decisions by means of the organization’s outer Alienware Graphics Amplifier$174.99 at dell box. however, all that power and adaptability includes some major disadvantages. The laptop’s fan clamor, when play, gets louder than we’d like. What’s more, tastefully, we aren’t exactly sold on the pivot forward style, that leaves a huge projection at the back of the laptop (where you’ll discover additional ports, alongside the cooling vents). Moving the pivot additionally enabled the organization too thin the laptop down to 0.87 inches. be that as it may, it now has a marginally bigger impression than (and is more than a pound heavier than) the past Alienware 13 display: 5.8 pounds, contrasted with its 4.5-pound ancestor.

To be reasonable, however, this is a significantly more able gamer that the past Alienware 13, that stuffed GeForce GTX 960M illustrations. The new Alienware 13 feels (and looks) like an advanced tank, and performs well on the combat zone, however, it’s unquestionably no ultraportable.

Design & Features

The Alienware 13 is little for a gaming laptop, however as 13-inch laptops go, it’s very huge.

The 13.3-inch-screened dell XPS 13$829.00, for instance, is a leading figure among Windows laptops at this screen size, and it’s just shy of 12 inches wide and 7.9 inches profound. The new Alienware 13 is an inch more extensive (13 inches) and 2.7 inches further (10.6 inches) than the dell machine. In truth, any laptop with gaming-class devoted illustrations goes to be bulkier than an efficiency centered notepad working off of CPU-incorporated designs. however, it’s esteem bringing up this is regularly no little or thin framework by the present laptop norms. The counterbalance pivot style allowed Alienware to thin the laptop down to 0.87 inches thick, however Razer’s correspondingly prepared new Razer Blade (which likewise packs a GeForce GTX 1060 illustrations chip), is 0.7 inches thick, and more than an inch shorter front-to-back. (As a matter of fact, that Razer machine has a somewhat greater screen, at 14 inches, and hence more impression to spread things around.)

All things considered, the Alienware 13’s magnesium-compound and aluminum shell deserve awards for being to a great degree unbending, while at the same time stopping fingerprints and smears superior to anything any gaming laptop we’ve tried in quite a while. what’s more, the silver-on-dark stylish fits well with the modern, military-like feel of the laptop itself? this is one tough feeling machine.

Obviously, the notable Alienware head is as yet display on the highest point of the cover, and it can, alongside the console and the new, all-tops “ALIENWARE” mark underneath the screen, be lit in your choice of the RGB range. (More on the lighting later.)

The Alienware 13’s strong feel continues to the faulty “TactX” console, too. the organization says the console is steel-strengthened, and it believes it. In reality, we couldn’t discover any flex, even while blowing the keys decently compellingly through their liberal 2.2mm of vertical travel. we additionally like that Alienware cut the key tops with a little dunk in the middle, and skint out the bolt keys on the directly beneath the baseline to make space for committed page up/down keys over the left/right bolt keys, separately. These aren’t new highlights to the Alienware line, in any case, they’re unquestionably valued, and they give the console a vibe likened to that of a decent business laptop. regardless of whether your Alienware 13 will twofold obligation as a profitability machine, you’ll value its key setup in any event for sending messages and talking together with your gaming compadres.

The touch cushion is additionally very brilliant, and precise in our testing. Furthermore, similar to the past model’s cushion, it is set to shine in any shade of the rainbow, to match (or is-coordinate, as you prefer) the other lighting impacts.

The touch cushion is the one space that Alienware reps let us know in a current meeting that it didn’t redesign with its new style. In our testing, it demonstrated exceptionally precise, and at around 4.5 inches corner to corner, it’s sensibly large for a cushion on a reduced laptop. One thing here that we don’t know we like, however, is the delicate feel of the snap system under the combine of devoted touch-cushion catches. we absolutely incline toward them to a buttonless, interactive cushion, be that as it may, we’d like a stiffer instrument under the catches, with crisper input.

We discovered small ailing in the post office with the Alienware 13, however, you’ll need to check out the back of the machine to locate a decent number of the ports. The left edge houses isolate beneficiary and mic jacks (for all you genuine game streamers with studio-review amplifiers), in addition to a rest and-charge USB 3 port, alongside a Kensington-style security-link lockup indent.

On the correct edge experience another USB 3.0 Type-A port, together with a non-Thunderbolt USB Type-C port.

Whatever is left of the availability is bound to the back edge, where you’ll locate a neighborhood jack, smaller than usual DisplayPort and full-measure HDMI video yields, a USB Type-C/Thunderbolt port (which might be utilized for information and video), and the power jack…

Likewise here is the wide exclusive connector for associating the organization’s outer Alienware Graphics Amplifier$174.99 at dell box. Like Razer’s Core illustrations box that works with its svelte Razer Blade Stealth$999.99 at Razer online Store, the shoe-box-sized Graphics speaker bears the Alienware 13 designs upgradability by giving you a chance to introduce a desktop designs card in the crate and connect it to the laptop. (Also, the Alienware arrangement comes in at a notably bring down $199 cost.) simply remember that doing as such adequately transforms the Alienware 13 into a desktop while gaming.

Camera, Speakers & Lighting

On the bigger 2016 rendition of the Alienware 17, the organization will offer Tobii eye-following innovation incorporated with the edge. beside gaming-particular highlights like eye-helped focusing on, and recording your look amid a game for playback and preparing later on, the Tobii following will empower the laptop to auto-diminish the screen when you turn away, as well as bolt the framework when you get up and leave and log you back in when you sit down before the screen.

Those highlights aren’t worked in on this little laptop, in any case, they will be accessible by means of an extra camera embellishment. Alienware reps didn’t know the cost of the gadget and regardless of whether it would be accessible by means of the organization store at dispatch. (It wasn’t there regardless on nov. 1, the date of the new Alienware 13’s dispatch.) in any case on the off chance that it sounds like something you wish, you can lift one up on the US for $130. What you do get incorporated with the Alienware 13 might be a webcam with IR nearness recognition for signing in through Windows hi. It functioned admirably for that reason amid our testing.

The speakers have additionally been improved around the Alienware 13’s new style, and to some degree strangely, stable leaves openings on either side of the laptop, close to the front. the organization says the sound framework now incorporates “interior brilliant amps” to screen the sound and expand volume. we found the sound yield healthy, with loads of volume and strong midrange punch once sitting before the laptop. however, there’s no subwoofer for low-end pound. what’s more, we have heard more space-filling sound from a few laptops that aren’t significantly greater (or if nothing else considerably heavier) than the Alienware 13.

Obviously, it wouldn’t relate Alienware laptop without some fascinating lighting impacts. The bigger 15-inch and 17-inch models now have light strips along their edges. The Alienware 13 doesn’t, be that as it may you do get the opportunity to change the RGB lighting in eight separate zones, including the outsider head on the top, another make a beeline for the upper-right of the console (it serves as the power catch), the lights under the couch cushion, and four zones on the console. These would all be able to be balanced by means of the included AlienFX programming, seen underneath. you can likewise modify the shade of the new all-tops organization mark under the screen.

Tweaking the lighting is truly basic, and the product is shaken strong. All things considered, Asus’ Aura programming, intended for its motherboards, parts (and probably peripherals, soon), is infringing on Alienware’s great lighting an area, at any rate on the desktop front. also, the Razer Blade stealth and Aorus X7 v6 both now offer independently programmable per-key RGB lighting on the consoles of those laptops. this can be substantially more convenient for gaming than console lighting broken into a couple of zones. so while we like the lighting on the Alienware 13, the organization doesn’t exactly have the total class-driving highlights here that it once did. We’d get a kick out of the chance to see per-key RGB lighting going ahead.


In the event that you decide on the 2,560×1,440-pixel OLED screen, as was incorporated into our survey design, one of the Alienware 13’s most attractive highlights will be its show. The OLED board has rich hues, upgraded by a shiny covering over the touch layer (touch-screen input is an uncommon element on a gaming laptop), high splendor (Alienware rates it at 400 nits), and apparently interminable survey edges. The Alienware 13’s screen emerges against some other laptop screen we’ve seen—IPS, IGZO, or something else. The blacks are along these lines dark that, with a dark foundation, you can’t tell initially (or even a concentrated look, truly) where the screen closes and the dark edge starts.

The 1ms reaction time is likewise a solid match for hyper-quick gaming situations, and the 2,560×1,440 determination offers a stage up finished the commonplace 1080p, without going 4K-insane. A 4K screen here would be excessively for the GTX 1060 illustrations to deal with, and close difficult to recognize on a screen at this size, in any case. As we’ll soon find in testing, at 2,560×1,440, you’ll have the capacity to play most games at high settings in the vicinity of 50fps, or dial things down to 1080p and accomplish outline rates of 60fps or near it.

Lesser designs of the Alienware 13, as we’ll get into on the following page, accompany a non-touch 1080p (1,920×1,080) IPS board, or a common TN(non-IPS) 1,366×768 one. Our lone genuine protestation about the Alienware 13’s screen decisions is that screen-smoothing G-Sync bolster isn’t a decision with any of these 3 boards. regardless of the possibility that you choose the 1080p non-touch IPS show or the 1,366×768 board on the base model, G-Sync isn’t advertised. you’ll have to advance up to the bigger Alienware 15 or 17 laptops to get this component.


Our $2,099 OLED-board survey setup ships with a quad-core 2.6GHz Core i7-6700HQ processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB PCI express strong state drive (SSD). All models incorporate Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1060 illustrations with 6GB of committed video memory.

As the Alienware 13 wasn’t in any case accessible for pre-arranging when we composed this, the total setup decisions weren’t clear. however, the organization disclosed to the US the least expensive model, a $1,199 “passage level” setup, can incorporate a 1,366×768-pixel determination screen, a 2.3GHz Core-i5-6300HQ CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a slower, Serial-ATA-based M.2 SSD at 180GB of limit. The beginning cost for any Alienware 13 with the OLED screen was required to be $1,749, that one with a Core i5, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD.

One of the confinements of this conservative laptop is that the skeleton needs space for a 2.5-inch circle drive nearby the SSD. The motherboard has 2 M.2 connectors inside the laptop, however. in this manner, you could include a moment M.2-style SSD to the framework all alone, or decide on 2 when you purchase. Given however substantial games are getting, even the 512GB SSD introduced in our audit arrangement will get quite confined entirely snappy in case you’re a PC gamer who likes to have a few on-deck AAA titles introduced to browse.

Talking about overhaul decisions, it’s genuinely simple to get to the Alienware 13’s upgradable innards. Release 5 screws on the base of the laptop, and the dark metal board flies off the underside.

Doing as such, you’re given simple access to {the 2|the 2} RAM openings (involved by two 8GB SK Hynix sticks in our audit setup), the match of M.2 connectors for capacity (one of that was possessed by a 512GB Toshiba NVMe SSD here), and the removable Killer Wireless-AC 1535 remote card. whatever remains of the segments here are walled off by a defensive plastic cover that covers the mainboard and other touchy bits. that is fine since you likely would prefer not to endeavor to repair or supplanting much else without some genuine skill.


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