ASUS ZenBook UX330UA-AH54 13.3-inch LCD Ultra-Slim Laptop


Asus Zenbook UX330UA
Screen 13.3 inch, 3200 x 1800 px, IPS, matte, non-touch
Processor Intel Skylake Core i7-6500U CPU
Video Intel HD 520
Memory 8 GB LPDDR3 (soldered)
Storage 512 M.2 SATA SSD (80 mm)
Connectivity Wireless AC (dual-band Intel AC 7265), Bluetooth 4.1, WiDi
Ports 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 3.1 gen 1, micro-HDMI, mic/headphone, SD card reader
Baterry 57 Wh
Operating system Windows 10
Size 323 mm or 12.71” (w) x 222 mm or 8.74” (d) x 13.55 mm or 0.53” (h)
Weight 2.65 lbs (1.2 kg)
Extras backlit keyboard, HD camera, light sensor, available in Rose Gold or Grey


It positively conveys on looks – the UX310UA is somewhat of a shocker, regardless of whether you go for the silver shading on appearing here or the getting bronze option.

The all-aluminum shell tips the scales at 1.45kg and is 19mm thick – not exactly as thin as a MacBook Air, but rather somewhere in the range of 550g lighter. That is a genuine sparing when you’re attempting to shed however much weight as could be expected for in a hurry working.

Any metal-bodied ultraportable risks looking a lot like a MacBook, so we’re chuffed to see Asus emerging with a brushed concentric hover plan on the top. it looks pro and flashes in the light – it right away resembles a more costly laptop.

Ultrabooks are for the most part about too associated as a potato, yet the UX310UA breaks the pattern. It’s pressing 2 USB ports, one USB3, and one reversible USB-C, so you’re future-sealed for when your contraptions, at last, do the switch.

You likewise get HDMI, an earphone jack, and a sd card per user. certain beats the measly 2 ports you get on a cutting-edge MacBook, isn’t that right?


The UX310UA doesn’t get a considerable measure wrong with regards to ease of use, either. Alright, so the console is most likely on the wrong part of spongey, yet you keep on getting enough go in each key to sort easily without filling your documents with grammatical errors.

There’s even a full console backdrop illumination, so you can simply observe which keys you’re hitting, even once the sun’s gone down. Helpful for long-standing customers.

It flexes somewhat underweight, however – only an update this isn’t a £1K+ machine, yet a deal strategy laptop you didn’t spend a fortune to purchase.

Windows laptops with dodgy touchpads are extremely common, yet fortunately, this ain’t one of them. It has two worked in catches and a monstrous glass surface that gives your fingers a chance to skim crosswise over with the littlest piece of rubbing.

You must wrench up the affectability a bit to influence it to feel appropriately responsive, however, with a touch of tweaking it’s splendidly usable – even the multi-touch motions didn’t make them remove our hair after a couple of tries. Result.


Certainly, you could get a UX310UA with a Full HD, 1920×1080 determination screen, however for what reason OK? Not when there’s a wonderful QHD+, 3200×1800 board on offer.

It’s a world in front of the MacBook Air’s currently sad 1400×900, influencing pictures and content to look completely stick sharp. There are a couple of exchange offs, most outstandingly battery life (more on that beneath) however it’s justified, despite all the trouble in the event that you need your photographs and recordings to truly jump off the screen.

As a matter of fact, differentiation could be somewhat better, so dim pictures aren’t exactly as inky dark and lighter photographs look a little on the dull side, yet it’s difficult to grumble about the cost. The IPS board has awesome review edges and is effectively sufficiently splendid to utilize anyplace – even outside, because of that reflection-busting matte wrap up.

There’s even a better than an average match of speakers moving down the stellar screen. Essentially, they’re fine for YouTube or a touch of ambient melodies while you’re chipping away at different things.

Wrench up the volume and you’ll uncover the absence of bass, however, c’mon – much else would violate the laws of material science. this is as yet an Ultrabook, all things considered.

In any case, the down-terminating drivers reverberate off any hard surface and help give things somewhat of a lift. Work on a work area, as opposed to your lap, and you’ll give your ears a regard and sparing your groin from a broiling.


With a double core Intel i5 processor and 8GB of RAM on board, the UX310UA ought to have the capacity to deal with pretty much any ordinary employment you can toss at it.

The i5-6200U is a vitality effective chip, however, so don’t expect masses of energy. You’d require an insane measure of Chrome tabs open to back it off, however, do anything extravagant with 4K video and it’ll feel the warmth.

The 500GB SSD goes far to help keep things smart. It’ll boot into windows in a matter of moments by any stretch of the imagination, and you won’t stick around to exchange documents or organizers.

Gaming is an alternate story, however. There are no favor Intel Iris designs here – only an HD 520 incorporated with the CPU. It’s sufficient for more established, less requesting diversions, yet just on the off chance that you drop the determination down to 720p. that high-determination board would pummel a top of the line laptop GPU, yet here it makes new diversions completely unplayable. On the off chance that you simply need a Minecraft settle, however? Don’t sweat it.

By disregarding gaming totally and adhering to fundamental working or web perusing, you’ll get around six hours of life from a full battery charge. toss in some Full HD Netflix gushing and you’ll battle to achieve four.

It’s the one zone Apple’s MacBook still figures out how to dominate the competition – that’ll keep going for up to nine preceding surrendering the apparition. You’ll need to keep the mains connector convenient in case you’re arranging an entire day from your work area.


Alright, it may be an essential clamshell laptop, a firmly retro idea in 2016, yet Asus has tried to add enough fancy odds and ends to help the UX310UA emerge.

That high determination makes it a delight to chip away at, and there’s sufficient power for genuine calculating and additionally everyday written work or web perusing. A superior illustrations chip would have made it a genuine street warrior, yet it can even now handle the odd piece of photograph and video altering when it needs to.

Battery life could be better as well, yet you’ll accomplish a ton more on one of these than you will on a tablet.

It misses out to Dell’s extraordinary XPS 13 in the style stakes, however, costs an astounding £300 less. Asus has hit that value sweet spot, undermining the opposition and making potential MacBook Air purchasers reconsider before hitching their wagon to Apple and macOS.

Try not to mind working with Windows? There’s little else out there that is better, without spending a mess more cash.

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