CUK HP Omen Notebook 17.3-Inch Gamer VR Laptop


To date, HP has been a long way from the principal name you consider in the top of the line gaming scratch pad, mostly in light of the fact that its offerings—up to this point—have been firmly midrange, best case scenario, in execution terms. The HP Omen 15Best Price at Amazon we checked on a year ago, with its Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M designs card, was an ideal case of that. It could play the most recent and most noteworthy games, however not really at high detail levels and best determination.

Be that as it may, HP is intending to become famous at the top of the line with its new, invigorated Omen 17.

This 17.3-inches packs Nvidia’s new GeForce GTX 1070 “Pascal” illustrations card, the trade for the active GeForce GTX 980M, a card that past gen Omens never verged on joining. The GTX 1070 is an incredible decision for playing the present AAA game titles getting it done settings at sensibly high resolutions of 1080p and maybe 1440p. All things considered, it’s not an almighty illustrations chip; the 4K screen determination on our Omen 17 audit unit ended up being somewhat distant for most requesting games, at any rate without dialing back the detail settings a score or two. The GTX 1070 conveys an overabundance of execution at 1080p, however, so despite everything you’ll have the capacity to appreciate awesome visuals; the 4K show downsizes pleasantly to 1080p for gaming, regardless you’ll have the 4K setting available to you for video survey and illustrations work.

So what’s that muscle and screen adaptability worth? That is the kicker.

Our audit unit lent to the USA by hp, appeared at $1,799 as arranged, with the GeForce GTX 1070, an Intel Core i7-6700HQ quad-core processor, 16GB of RAM, a 256GB strong state drive (SSD), a 1TB hard drive, and that 4K IPS show. that is not awful by any means. At the season of this writing in mid-October 2016, the contending, 4K-screened gigabyte P37X v6 (which we’re in the technique for looking into) ran for $2,399 with for the most part similar specs, yet a bigger 512GB SSD. The MSI GT73VR Titan expert was $2,199 with a marginally faster Core i7-6820HK. The recently invigorated Alienware 17, not yet surveyed, cased out at $2,349.

It shows up he has evaluated the Omen 17 strongly to be sure, as it’s a couple of hundred bucks not as much as some other 17.3-inch notepad we found that coordinated its specs. at first, become flushed, the Omen 17 looks encouraging. All in all, is there anything that he isn’t letting us know? It’s an ideal opportunity to discover.


The HP Omen 17 has a genuinely customary appearance. It’s the size and type of a typical 17.3-inch journal, measuring 16.3×11 inches. The 1.17-inch thickness makes it somewhat taller than past HP Omen scratch pad, that HP advised the USA was important to fit additional cooling inside for the substantially more powerful designs arrangements you can get in the Omen 17. As we’ll find in the Thermals area, later on, the additional cooling here handles the Omen 17’s all the more intense illustrations card capable.

The intelligent red Omen mark on the back of the cover offers the notepad some truly necessary pizazz. each the cover and within the palm rest have a fake carbon-fiber look. It’s not exceptionally persuading, however, dislike we were expecting genuine carbon fiber in any case, and it looks more intriguing than plain, sheer plastic.

The way that the entire scratch pad is plastic is one of our key protests. The body has normal quality, demonstrating some mellow sidelong flex when we got and turned by its corners (not a remark done at home, coincidentally). The cover and-screen parcel likewise flexes a bit when the laptop is open, however at any rate its pivots enable it to be opened one-gave without much stress over any torque-incited harm to the screen.

The general plan issue with the Omen 17 is that it does not have a top of the line feel or a feeling of extravagance. The eliteness of a value point like that of our $1,799 survey unit warrants a little excess, we think, in assemble and plan, especially for gamers. however, there’s nothing in the technique for metal finishes and so forth.

The Omen 17’s full-estimate console is somewhat shallow for our tastes. The concise key travel limits input; it doesn’t feel like much. we can comprehend restricted key go on an ultra-thin scratch pad, however not on a major gaming notepad. fortunately, that is the main awful news, as whatever is left of the console is sufficiently strong. The backdrop illumination is just single-shading (red), however, it’s bounty unmistakable in the daytime. it’s any way one brilliance level.

The console format is near that of a desktop console. The capacity push (F1 to F12) keys don’t work basically as capacity keys themselves. Squeezing F6, for instance, quiets the sound. Shrewdly, on the off chance that you squeeze alt or Ctrl in conjunction with F6, it acts as F6. This keeps you from pressing the less well-known Fn to enter in conjunction with that move band, a help for street devils. (See our manual for fundamental console alternate ways in Windows ten.)

The number-cushion keys are full-measure. In the run of the mill hp mold, the bolt enters are sandwiched into the fundamental console space, however, the main bargain made to accomplish that is the half-survey and down bolts. It takes a touch of getting used to, however, it’s desirable over having all the bolt keys full-size and after that chopping down the correct Shift and number cushion “0.” One minor oversight is the absence of a Num Lock pointer. there’s not even an onscreen pointer, so you need to figure whether it’s on or off.

The buttonless touch cushion comes up short. The matte surface is sufficiently wonderful, similar to the general size. Be that as it may, the cushion’s clicking activity is firm and empty. In addition, the snaps influence a shoddy feeling to sound. tapping to click, instead of a full down-press, rapidly turned into our favored strategy for left-clicking. Additionally, given this is a gaming notepad, we’re frustrated there was no clear implicit approach to kill the touch cushion, by means of alternate route key different means.

Updating the Omen 17 is troublesome. we say “can” in light of the fact that the memory, at any rate, is simple. both of the DIMM spaces are underneath the body behind the single access entryway you can see above. It’s secured by 2 Phillips-head screws.

The most effective method to expel whatever is left of the baseboard to—probably—access the M.2 space and {2|and a couple of|and a couple of}.5-inch drive straight remains a riddle to U.S.A.. the baseboard gives off an impression of being hung on by Phillips-head screws, however, the vast majority of them were closed off by elastic plugs. They would not like to turn out, and we didn’t attempt and power them. In any case, it left U.S.A. baffled, and we presume most purchasers of a close $2,000 laptop won’t have any desire to get any bolder than we.


The 17.3-inch show on the Omen 17 comes in 2 flavors. The discretionary 4K (3,840×2,160-pixel) board was in our survey unit, though the base show is a 1080p screen (1,920×1,080 local).

The 4K show has pleasant hues and complexity, making for an excellent survey understanding. The in-plane-exchanging (IPS) board innovation implies great side-to-side review plots for everybody lounging around the show. besides, a hostile to glare surfacing over the board eliminates reflectivity. The show’s shine was the bounty, enough to be usable outside in the shade.

As a reward, the 4K show in the Omen 17 underpins Nvidia’s G-Sync screen-smoothing innovation. (See our manual for G-Sync and its AMD partner, Freesync.) The board is restricted to a 60Hz revive rate, be that as it may, we’re not lodging a grumbling. We’ve however to see a 4K board on a notepad that has a higher invigorate rate.

Port decision isn’t a solid suit on the Omen 17. For a notepad this size, we were expecting more regarding decision and amount.

The left edge has the cooling deplete, a USB Type-A 3.1 port, and separate earphone and amplifier jacks.

The correct edge holds the rest, including a full-estimate SD card per user, a smaller than expected DisplayPort yield, 2 USB Type-A 3.1 ports, an HDMI-out, the LAN jack, and the power jack. SD cards embed completely into the peruser, with no bit extending out. The front and back of the notepad have no ports.

The most glaring oversight is a forward-looking USB Type-C port, however, we’d have valued an extra USB port of any sort, in any case. The Omen 17 has no optical drive—HP dropped it with this age—however, the organization incorporated an outer USB DVD copier in the case. an HDMI-to-VGA connector was additionally included. We’re appreciative that H.P. incorporated these things, as most brands charge additional for this frill.

The Omen 17’s four speakers sit under the punctured mesh over the console deck. The Bang & Olufsen marking on the laptop alludes to the way that the “sound tuning” on this laptop was finished with B& O’s conference. The speakers’ upward-terminating position assists with lucidity. It’s again and again that we see journal speakers incorporated into the base of the body that can have the inverse impact.

For sure, the soundstage and general detail of these speakers are great, if not by any means impactful. they’re not totally lacking in bass, be that as it may, they could utilize a lift down there. the volume level is sufficient for viewing a film without anyone else’s input, in any case, we figured the most extreme volume wasn’t too amazing given the span of this machine and the plenty of speakers. we saw for all intents and purposes no bending with the volume level wrenched up, however.

The webcam over the show bolsters Intel RealSense, that incorporates with Windows hi for biometric, confront acknowledgment logins. it has great determination and general quality. Its low light execution is an almost no grainy, however, that is the standard passage for little sensor cameras.


We’ve seen more than a couple of Pascal-based gaming laptops to date, and {we|and that we} have a few all the more completely tried and in the survey container as we compose this. so the HP Omen 17 gets the chance to confront some hardened rivalry in our benchmark examinations.

To start with us in our aggressive set is the MSI GT73VR Titan ace, a top of the line gaming notepad with a Core i7-6820HK and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 illustrations. It’s trailed by 2 notepads pressing GTX 1070 designs (same as in the HP Omen 17): the Asus RoG G752VS OC Edition$1,863.76, which has the two its illustrations card and Core i7-6820HK processor overclocked, and the Gigabyte P37X v6, with a Core i7-6700HQ CPU. (We have a survey of the gigabyte underway.)

Following these machines is the MSI GS73VR-6RF stealth Pro$1,549.00, with a Core i7-6700HQ and the extra standard evaluated GeForce GTX 1060. the last 2 include Core i7-6820HK processors and last-gen GTX 980M-arrangement designs. they’re the EVGA SC17$1,899.99 and the Lenovo Ideapad Y900.

We’re anticipating that the Omen 17 should be near the highest point of the diagrams, however, it’s probably not going to beat the GTX 1080-based MSI GT73VR Titan professional in anything designs related.




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